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General Check Ups

Dental check-ups & cleans are generally a 1 hour appointment, giving the dentist enough time to provide a comprehensive oral exam, thoroughly clean your teeth, apply a fluoride treatment, take any due x-rays, and create a treatment plan where necessary. A soft tissue check is also performed on your lips, cheeks and tongue. We recommend check-ups & cleans every 6 months.


If you participate in any type of sporting activity, it’s important to wear a mouthguard. Our custom mouthguards fit snuggly over your teeth, protecting them from impact injuries such as chipped or broken teeth, soft tissue injuries to the mouth and jaw fractures. These mouthguards are fabricated in our on-site laboratory and are often ready to collect in just 1 week!

Children’s Dentistry at Dental Circle

At Dental Circle, we see a large number of children and love helping them start their healthy oral hygiene journey. We encourage children of all ages to attend our clinic whether it’s their first appointment, or if they’ve become a regular client. We have many ways in helping children cope with dental anxiety or nerves, especially at their first appointment.

What Age Should My Child See a Dentist?

At the age of 2, parents are encouraged to bring their child in for their first dental experience. We like to use the lap-to-lap technique with new starters, adopting a friendly and relaxing environment to reinforce a positive experience. During their first appointment, children often sit on the lap of their parent while the dentist counts their teeth and assesses eruption and development. Cleans are not performed at this age. We also like to use show-and-tell techniques to help them understand why they’re here. We explain procedures in a simple way that’s easy for children to understand.


We can also provide examinations for children to determine whether they may need orthodontic treatment. We refer out to local and reliable practices if necessary.

Medicare Child Benefit Dental Scheme

Children of eligible families between the ages of 2-17 are granted up to $1026.00 over a period of two years. To find out if you’re eligible for this service, you can head to the Services Australia website or speak to our reception staff with your Medicare number ready.

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