About Us

Our Clinic

Our owner and licenced prosthetist, Adrian, opened Dental Circle in 2016. His ultimate vision was to be able to provide families with multi-faceted oral health services. Although complete care if our primary focus, the most important vision we have for our patients is creating a friendly and relaxed environment. We go out of our way to ensure your experience is pleasant and professional every time.

Our On-Site Laboratory

We use the latest laboratory equipment and have an on-site team of dental technicians. These resources allow us to deliver expedited restorations and prosthetics without relying on third-party or overseas laboratories. This allows us to provide competitive pricing with high quality outcomes.

Investments In Technology

Our facility is equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technology, allowing us to provide individualised care in a safe environment. From the latest autoclave systems to high-grade ultrasonics, no aspect of your safety goes unchecked. During your visit, you’ll also notice equipment such as high resolution intra-oral cameras and x-ray machines. These tools magnify and display areas of your teeth clearly for you and the dentist to discuss and form accurate treatment plans.

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