Repairs and relines

Posted by | December 19, 2016 | Serv Page | No Comments

Accidents happen all the time! Sometimes dentures are dropped, sat on, found in the washing machine, or they unfortunately become the chew-toy for the family dog. Over the years, your dentures can also age, and your mouth and teeth positions can move.
Dentures can become loose and not fit as well as they used to, placing stress on the dentures themselves and causing irritation in your mouth. This can also cause weakness, breaks and splits in the dentures.
Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform these emergency repairs and relines daily. We can provide a denture repair if your dentures have broken or split. Whilst a reline will resurface the acrylic of your dentures to assist with the perfect fit you’re used to.
At Dental Circle we understand that not having your dentures with you can cause great inconvenience and emotional upset, so when a repair or a reline is needed, just give us a call and more often than not we can repair it, good as new, for you on the same day.